Tuesday, 1 May 2012

David Cameron on Doc Barbara

Guest editorial by David Cameron as dictated to our cub reporter:

   When I first conceived my concept of the Big Society, I had no conception that I would find anyone who defined it as well as does Doc Barbara.   In fact, I am greatly relieved that she has defined it as I was having some difficulty defining it myself, particularly when asked.   Doc Barbara is Big in every way except where she is Small: Big Ideas, Big Achievements, Big Courage, Big Feet - sorry, Big Feats.  Where was I?  Ah - yes - stuck for ideas, that's where I was.  That is where I always am.  But - it is important to carry on even when stuck and that is what Doc Barbara represents: "Never stuck up, always stuck in" - and carrying on.   She does carry on - and how!  I approve of that and urge her as I have always urged you all, continue to urge you and will always urge you to: Carry on Doctor.

   Editor's note: Humph

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