Friday, 11 March 2016

Doc Barbara's Morning Bewilderment

   When Doc Barbara awoke this morning she was amazed and discombobulated to see this object at the end of her bed. For one moment terror struck our heroine but her habitual sang froid soon reasserted itself. Cold rationality took over and she invoked the example of Sherlock Holmes to give herself courage and to decipher and interpret what she was seeing. 

   Fortunately her eye soon rested on her discarded leotard on a nearby chair and, in a flash of inspiration, she deduced that she had forgotten to remove her Yoga socks the night before. She had been so exhausted with the effort of wrapping her right leg round her left hip and, indeed, recalling which was which, that she had fallen asleep almost immediately. We, of this newspaper, are delighted to report that no severe after shocks have affected her and that she is on course once again for yet more exploits.

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