Friday, 18 March 2016

Doc Barbara's Spring Initiative

   At this time of year Doc Barbara experiences a sense of awakening and her brain teems with new ideas. We know our readers will be fascinated by her latest plan and so we sent our cub reporter to her house to hear more. (Our chief man was engaged on a vital investigation into a meticulously planned and daring theft of a small handbag from an unattended supermarket trolley.) 

   Doc Barbara, although not a Feminist since she has a deep suspicion of words ending in "ist", nevertheless wants to promote the cause of women. She would like female gardeners to plant their borders with flowers and shrubs bearing girls' names thus introducing a bond between humans and Nature. Conversely, she would like expectant mothers to consider calling their babies (perhaps not boys, however) by the names of such plants some of which we have pictured here for inspiration: Rose; Rosemary; Holly; Lavender; Daisy; Daffodil; Primrose and Iris for example. We support her in this and with the possibilities of Lilac and even Pyrocantha but we confess to doubts about Nettle, Borage and Blanket-weed.

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