Tuesday, 17 April 2012

From Paddington Station to the Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Fountain: our grandmother's epic adventure.

"The Monmouthshire Mouthpiece" April 18th 2012
   It has come to the attention of our chief reporter that Doc Barbara has just returned from one of her regular visits to London to see her family. Having arranged to meet them at the Memorial Fountain to the late regretted Princess Diana, she contacted Transport for London and was advised to go to Oxford Circus by tube and thence to Lancaster Gate.

   But our heroine is made of sterner stuff and set off with backpack, Ordnance Survey map and compass by foot, taking care to keep the sparkling Serpentine to her left (east) and the rolling green sward of Kensington Gardens to the right (west). Striding on in her usual indomitable manner she found the correct OS co-ordinates and met up with everyone at this tranquil water feature, consumed an enormous picnic and then played an energetic game hurling a whistling plastic toy and laughing gaily as she missed catches: "The more the merrier," she explained.

  When asked later in interview if the hike had proved too strenuous, she replied in that self-deprecating tone which characterises her speech after an amazing venture: "Oh, no. It was just a walk in the park."

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