Thursday, 25 June 2015

Doc Barbara's Bad Hair Day

   As we have frequently noted, Doc Barbara has no problem with avoiding the Deadly Sin of Pride in the form of personal vanity, any more than she has with Sloth or Envy. Greed manifested as gluttony is more difficult for her as she does love a buttered Welsh cake and she confesses to Wrath over certain issues dear to her heart. Few or no opportunities present themselves for Lechery and she would not avail herself of them in any case.

   Yet, recently, close friends have suggested that she needs to take more care of her appearance to encourage others to join her causes, since we live in an age of image and presentation. After examining her hair (see below) she tried various preparations with enticing claims, bought at cut-price from local shops (she does admit to Avarice though prefers to call it frugality). She soon exhausted her own patience and cleansed her hands with anti-biotic gel, absently-mindedly running her fingers through her locks afterwards. Result: super sexy, beachy, gamine, endearingly tousled - and guaranteed sterile.

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