Thursday, 14 May 2015

Vital Clue to Disappearance of Frogs

   A few weeks ago Doc Barbara called upon the investigative expertise of the W.U.G. (Women's Undomesticated Group) to help solve the problem of her frogless pond. She had hoped to enlist Alpha Male Pin-Up Mr Froggie to inspire others to return and perform their Springtime duties of procreation but this exclusive photograph shows why this may not be possible for some time.

   Doc Barbara believes that her ally had realised that the pond needed a sloping plank of wood to help his fellow amphibians climb out and had gone to a carpentry workshop to create a suitable exit strategy. Here, on a cutting edge piece of equipment, our hero sustained the injury which has prevented amorous endeavours and which may prove to be an impediment until next season as a clean incision can take longer to heal. Our thoughts go out to this brave creature to sustain him in his hour of need.

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