Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Grandmother's Meteoric Rise to Fame

From "The Monmouthshire Mouthpiece" February 2012
   Those who have been following the progress of Doc Barbara up Amazon's Top Reviewer list will be amazed by her sudden leap from 2034 to her present position of 1377 in just over ten days. This is despite failing to convince the site manager of the power of "trolls" or campaign voters posting negative votes for personal reasons.   She received 14 positive votes out of 14 for her eloquent yet detailed review of  Muddyfox waterproof trousers though her inspired and cogent comments on her Prestige baking tray have not yet attracted admirers. 
   When/if she arrives in the top 1000 she will receive an award though she is not sure what this will be.  "I do it for the satisfaction and to help others," she has been quoted as saying. This is in addition to the packet of peanuts she won in last night's impromptu quiz at her local pub when she beat all comers and the landlord  (ho! ho!) by 4 clear points scoring 34 correct answers in all.  Those who say she is becoming 1) obsessed with numbers and 2) too big for her boots are far from the truth: she remains modest and unassuming just like her 5* medium-size roasting tin.

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