Friday, 20 April 2012

A Dramatic Change of Direction

   As our regular readers are aware, Doc Barbara is a highly respected Top Reviewer on the Amazon website but few have noticed her new preoccupation. She explained to our reporter: "Yes, it is something of an existential leap from bun tins to Hamlet but I have done it before. I used to comment on French grammars under the pen-name Adult French Learner but came to feel that pseudonym lacked soul and was not entirely appropriate for a piece on kitchen scales. Now, as Doc Barbara, I am analysing Classics of English Literature".

   We had previously sent our cub reporter out onto the street to gauge public reaction: 99 per cent were delighted but one was sceptical: "I am, of course, fascinated by Jane Austen but what am I to do now? I would never dream of buying a halogen heater without first consulting Doc Barbara." We asked our local celebrity what she thought of this. "There is not an exponential difference between identifying the fatal flaw in a tragic hero such Othello and the fatal flaw in an omelette pan," she opined. "Both require dedicated research and perspicacity of mind.

  We think it was this omelette reference that triggered one of her sudden imaginative flashes of mixed metaphor: "I know from personal experience that you CAN teach an old dog to break eggs. Or should that be 'suck'?" she enquired jauntily as she left our office without a backward glance.

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