Saturday, 25 April 2015

Doc Barbara redresses the balance

   Doc Barbara embraces the globe metaphorically speaking but she also feels strongly about her local connections. This can prove difficult when living in Monmouthshire which is on the borders of England and Wales but, as her devoted followers know, she loves a new challenge. Whenever in London she stands erect before an iconic monument such as Nelson's Column and sings the Welsh National Anthem: Mae hen wlad fy nhadau ..." loudly and clearly to the astonishment of passers-by. We do not claim that she has perfect pitch but, if she cannot do bel canto, she can belto.

   Last week she visited Cardiff Bay to perform her vital mission in reverse by singing Rule Britannia outside the Millennium Centre:

   All those who heard were visibly impressed as could be seen from their increased speed of march as they adapted to her rhythms. The sole flaw in the whole experience occurred when she waited several hours for a bus home beneath this canopy before realising that it was not a terminus but the Welsh National assembly.

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