Thursday, 26 March 2015

Proof positive of Doc Barbara's knitting preparations

   Readers of this paper : "The Monmouthshire Mouthpiece" will be aware of the (sometimes) amicable rivalry between us and our sister rag: "The Brynbuga Beagle." This warfare ranges from the jocular to the jugular and is at its most hostile over the topic of Doc Barbara, the dastardly "Beagle" claiming that no editor should concern him/herself with the doings of this unusual person for whom they have many and varied insults.  At times they go as far as to insinuate that her exploits are fiction, a charge that we repudiate vehemently.

  In particular, they have queried her project of knitting all the characters in British history just as the Welsh grandmother, Denise Salway, has done with personalities from Wolf Hall. Below is a photograph of our heroine with the multicoloured wool she has bought for her endeavour and we have every intention of keeping you informed as she stitches her way through the centuries.

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