Saturday, 24 August 2013

Doc Barbara and the pop-up tent

   Doc Barbara, whose adventures we follow in this newspaper with zeal and devotion, recently decided to observe birds from a field next to her garden and purchased a pop-up tent for this purpose. On unzipping the bag, she was astonished and wounded when the tent flew out, clipping her on the underside of her jaw but nevertheless landing correctly in position. Undeterred, she settled inside and took out her diary but failed to find her binoculars (which must have been beneath the tent). Without these, she could merely record 15 sbj's (small brown jobs) but can be seen here in high spirits nevertheless.

   The main problems occurred when dismantling the tent. The spring mechanism meant that, when she tried to hold the top hoops together, one resisted and whacked her smartly on the nose whilst the other biffed her harshly on the left ear. Her right ear came under severe  attack from both bottom hoops but, when all seemed desperate, a group of Boy Scouts appeared and bandaged her up before deftly replacing the tent in its carry bag. She intends to play ornithologist from her bedroom window from now on.

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