Wednesday, 17 October 2012


   Doc Barbara, being of a retiring and patriotic nature, rarely goes abroad but, when she does, she carries the example of British Womanhood with her: brave, stiff-upper-lipped and looking for opportunities to help.

   On a recent trip to Paris she observed what was clearly a  massive stolen diamond projecting from the ground and unnoticed by casual passers-by, except for one man in a white jacket raising the alarm. Not one to remain silent when danger looms, she spoke loudly and emphatically in her ultra-correct French (remembered accurately from school) to three nearby gendarmes. They promptly investigated by the simple expedient of turning to look; she was then able to reassure those around her that all was now well.

  Modern architecture is a challenge to us all.

   Comment by the reporter of the rival paper to The Monmouthshire Mouthpiece:
Someone ought to confiscate this woman's passport or what will happen to the entente cordiale? Brynbuga

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