Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Olympics Security and Doc Barbara: Note by the Correspondent on The Brynbuga Beagle

   It is all very well for The Monmouthshire Mouthpiece to deny any involvement on the part of Doc Barbara in the present security scandal at the Olympics (see "Doc Barbara Nearly Arrested" in the April archive) but I have interviewed one of the guards who accosted her on that fateful day. "We were completely taken aback," he claimed, "as she waved her brolly vehemently  and talked vociferously about challenges coming from man-made environments and the assonance of the term 'helter-skelter', so that me and my mates decided to pack it in, after consulting our dictionaries - although we do speak fluent English and have been tested on it. I have advised all our members of the O.O.P.S (Olympic Only Park Security) to resign, since, if that is what we get from an Englishwoman, what can we expect from all these foreigners? - although we have also been screened for xenophobia."

  My opinion, as experienced reporter for our superior local paper and television spectator, is that Mr Buckles (or is it Bubbles - or Bobbles?) must also have tangled with Doc Barbara as he seems bereft of speech and sense as are most people who encounter her. Clearly there have been more terrifying experiences in his life than facing an official enquiry.

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