Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee River Pageant


   As we know, Doc Barbara is modest and lowly but does occasionally find herself in high places. Seated on a camping chair covered with bunting on the Millennium Bridge, she waited for five hours in cold wind and rain, lifting the spirits of those around her by whistling Handel's Water Music. Despite polite (well, mostly polite) suggestions that she should not trouble herself, she persisted, waving her super de luxe flag with one hand and eating sausage rolls with the other. Cheering wildly and held by the belt from behind by an onlooker, she leaned over and gave the Queen her special wave.

   She loved the bells, the flotilla, the Dunkirk boats, everything about it and ended by interviewing a herald in detail on the train home about what he did when he was not in his ceremonial gear. He seemed delighted despite a long icy day on the Queen's barge. Doc Barbara is known for her amazing stamina when all around are tiring.

   Ed's note: We dispute the suggestion that Doc Barbara is tone deaf. Also we know that she can whistle and eat flaky pastry simultaneously: she is happy to prove it on demand though challengers are advised to wear protective gear to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.

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teresa said...

It's so fun how you find humor in mundane situations (I would consider watching a royal barge to be a mundane situation.).