Thursday, 10 May 2012

Doc Barbara worried about frogs

   It has come to our attention that Doc Barbara, concerned for wildlife as always, is deeply troubled about the lack of frogs in her pond this year: "Normally there is a mass of spawn followed, according to Mother Nature's eternal decree, by tadpoles and froglets, but this year my pond is barren," she reports.  "I have done everything, given them tasty morsels to eat and sometimes sat by the pond all night under my umbrella to support them in multiplying.  But to no avail. 

   Finally, I asked a neighbour to give me two frogs of, I hope, different genders.  I placed them in turn on one of my new circular tea bags to give them a soft springboard into the pond. After all, I learned so much from my attendance at the World Diving Cup Finals.  It was a crisis and, at such a crucial moment, I believe in decisiveness: I always bite the bull by the horns."

   Editor's note:  Here we have another of Doc Barbara's felicitous mixing of aphorisms for dramatic effect but I have one query. Is it just me or is there a problem of scale on the photograph?

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